While we all fully know right now that shame, embarrassment and hypocrisy would never stop the SFA from doing the wrong thing over and over again, we’d still like to point out their double standards.

Maybe “standards” is the wrong word. An article from the Scotsman dated in August 2017 emerged once again online yesterday that should have any compliance officer running for cover. The case at the time was against a Rangers* player who made “obscene gestures” to Partick Thistle fans. He was cleared of any wrongdoing just in time to face Celtic. Brilliant.

After the split fixtures were announced yesterday it now transpires that if suspended, Scott Brown will miss the last Glasgow derby of the season. You honestly could not make it up.

But first the SFA will have to work out a way of sweeping the following under the carpet, or maybe they could bring out a new rule to top trump this one…

“The Scottish Football Association has revealed it has changed the rules so no retrospective action can be taken against players and coaches for ‘gestures and actions’.”

That is the trick they pulled to get Josh Windass his game against the Celtic.

Over to you at headquarters.

You can read the full article by clicking here.


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