SCOTTISH FOOTBALL fans have branded The Rangers a laughing stock after their latest needless stunt emanating from Dignity FC which ‘beggars belief’.

Statement mad Gers must have been going through withdrawals before they managed to break out their crayons and post a statement pandering to their fans.

The “statement” is with regards to Hibs cutting The Rangers usual allocation for a game at Easter Road as Hibs have chosen to sell more their own fans for the tie.

The audacity!


  1. The fans of the despicable club at Ibrox are never in any danger. They are ALWAYS the ones who cause the danger. So the decision by Hibs is a good one on health and safety
    1. More of their own fans are there, so less chance of their ground being damaged.
    2. Less bears there, so less chance of Mr Lennon being attacked.
    3. Similarly, there will be less chance of Hibees being attacked.
    4. There will be a better atmosphere without the bears singing their sectarian songs.

    This is a responsible decision. Hibs are becoming a more dominant force and will draw more of their own support to games. Well done Hibs. Kilmarnock next perhaps?..

  2. Get it into your thick heads no one will listen to your sectarian pish any longer.
    If the police and SFA won’t do anything about it then all clubs should
    Good on ye hibs
    Celtic stand up
    We don’t need or want this nonsense in our
    Hail Hail

  3. Sevco they dont half spout some keek.The Bhoys celebrated scoring against them at the Crumble Dome,There Absurd Fans complained by stating Our Bhoys were Goading Them.There is literally nothing this Rank Rotten Mob wont complain About.They should be grateful they have a Club,At All.And an almost brand spanking new one at that lololol.Every single Club should cut down there allocation for games.That way there Vile Chants are only heard at there own Toilet Bowl.They Wonder Why every other Club finds Them,Hilariously Suspect.Mon Bhoys put them Out There Misery,Sunday..HH

  4. In the interests of safety to the Hibs fans and the club’s property, I hope that there is a strong police presence guarding the toilets. One would not want a repeat of the shameful behavior of the orc fans in the toilets at Parkhead when they encountered toilets for possibly the first time in their tawdry lives.


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