VAR is a controversial subject amongst all fans, and there will always be a debate about technology in every league.

Celtic are very much for the introduction of VAR; in fact, many Scottish teams are, but the recent stumbling block has been the equipment’s price. It’s thought that top-flight Scottish teams will have to fork out £100,000 a season, although the SPFL and the SFA are looking for ways to drive the price down.

It looks as if the technology may be pitchside in Scottish stadiums soon,  with the Scotsman reporting job advertisements for the position of ‘Football Replay Operator’ are being listed. The successful candidate will earn a wage of over £20,000 a year.

This hints that VAR will be introduced to the Scottish game shortly, starting between April and October.

This is either great news or terrible news, depending on your opinions on VAR.

The match against Dundee United demonstrated that the introduction of VAR would not be enough. It’s clear that Scotland has many incompetent referees, and giving them this equipment will still see outrageous decisions.

Along with VAR, I believe that the Scottish FA should explore other ways to uplevel the officiating standard.


  1. VAR is only a competent as the incompetent mason watching it and calling the decision. You are still at the mercy Brother Beaton, Brother Ross, Brother Dallas, Brother Boaby et al, who will all end up getting the gig when their ‘officiating’ days are over. We will still have the same shyte to contend with. Sevco will still get the penalties and Celtic will be denied them.

    They could have VAR available all over Scotland if they stopped pouring ridiculous amounts of money into the ludicrous folly called ‘Women’s Football’


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