Scottish Football is set to receive a massive boost with the winners of the Scottish Cup to be granted access to the Europa League Group Stage.  This is brilliant news and will only improve the Scottish game. [Daily Record]

This means Scotland will have three group-stage places up for grabs, with the League winners almost guaranteed Champions League Group Stage action.

The change comes after Scotland has moved up the coefficient table, now sitting 10th.

Reaching the final of the cup will reward European football in the following season. The losers will enter the group stage of the conference league, with the winners entering at the group stage of the Europa League.

This will bring more money and publicity to the Scottish game, especially if both Celtic and Rangers get Champions League football, with the winners of the league almost guaranteed group stage action in the elite competition.

Scotland will be guaranteed Champions League football next season if the winners of the Champions/Europa League this season have already qualified through their own country. For example, Liverpool win the Champions League but finished first in the Premier League, their extra slot will be given to Scotland.


  1. Scottish football fans should be cheering all Scottish teams in Europe as opposed to hoping that they lose. When both Celtic and Rangers do well in Europe it benefits everyone in the Scottish game.

  2. If The team that wins the Scottish mug, is in Europe by league placing. Do the runners up go straight in to the group stages of the Europa mug?


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