BRENDAN RODGERS attended a summit tonight between SPFL managers and SFA officials to discuss the standard of officiating and the hysteria surrounding events lately.

John Beaton and the rest of the referees threatened to strike after recent criticism, but it has been no secret this season has been a new low for not just officials but the supposedly ‘consistent’ and ‘transparent’ SFA.

Ian Maxwell and compliance officer Claire White were also in attendance to hear concerns from managers and officials.

One of the big things to come out of the meeting was Scottish football’s willingness to bring in VAR in the near future.

The BBC report that the governing body will now look into the implementation of VAR and the costs involved to give referees a helping hand and make sure more decisions are correct in future.

This is a game changer if the SFA take the call for VAR seriously. The meeting overall was received well by all who attended.


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