Celtic had two games postponed because ONE of their players unbeknownst to the club took a trip to Spain and failed to isolate. The Aberdeen players who went out into a pub were also vilified by the Scottish government. Both clubs had games postponed because of the incidents and Scottish football was given a yellow card by the First minister.

Today we learned an Edinburgh Rugby Academy player has contracted the virus after a serious breach of protocol. The player in question attended a house party and is now isolating. What’s more, it appears other members went to the same party.

Today, the Scottish government allowed the Edinburgh senior team to head to France in order to fulfil their fixture – even though the serious breach perhaps put more at risk than Boli Bolingoli would have done at Celtic. It beggars belief.

Celtic are still playing catch up because of the rule break. The club accepted it at the time because they didn’t have a leg to stand on but to see Rugby again be given the benefit of the doubt while Scottish football gets treated with contempt leaves a bad taste in the mouth.


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