They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

On this showing the English Premier League should be extremely flattered!

With a combined body and much need for change the suits at Hampden racked their brains in an attempt to re-vamp and re-brand the Scottish game. What they came up with however is so unoriginal and thoughtless it has made Scottish football fans including myself, cringe.

What you need to know:

The Scottish Premier League will now be called the Scottish Premiership.
Division 1 will now be known as the Scottish Championship.
Division 2 and 3 will now be referred to as League 1 and 2 respectively.

Sound familiar?

Please don’t peg me as one of those people who wants to trash the Scottish game at any opportunity. I, like many others are trying their best to be positive about our game as we move forward.

We have made progress with a combined organisation of the SPL and SFL and a fairer distribution of cash to all clubs is another positive.

Yet we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot with a lack of ingenuity in the halls of Hampden.

What football fans wanted was something fresh and exciting for the game and what we got was a regurgitated idea from our next door neighbours.

Fans took to twitter to discuss the name changes to the Scottish Leagues.:

@SPLStats wrote “Try my best to be positive, but I have no idea why the SPFL would think that copying league names from English football was a good idea.”


@Timomouse added “SPFL was an opportunity to start afresh, not to pull from pages of the same outmoded play book.”

It also should be noted that the “Scottish Premiership” is without a sponsor with just over a week till the big kick off.

The biggest problem the Scottish game has now is that no matter how many organisations you combine and things you tinker with it’s still the same people that ran our game into the ground who are in power.

With fresh faces comes fresh ideas and that’s what we really need.

Doncaster and his cronies have had their chance and haven’t delivered. I can foresee more bizarre decisions with these men in charge.

They are outdated as their ideas.




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