It’s open season on Celtic; not that it takes much to whip up a frenzy among the media, Celtic have been the victims of their own downfall in this case.

Giving everyone a tick to beat them with by making the trip to Dubai and the aftermath we’re now having to deal with is just poor management from top to bottom.

Celtic got the all-clear to go to Dubai, but as the old adage goes, ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you do’.

The tone-deaf nature of the trip hasn’t been lost on many and the people who make a living out of criticising Celtic at every juncture are licking their lips. Back when we were winning trophy after trophy, they had to try and make up things to be outraged at with regards to how we went about our business.

Now, all they have to do is commentate on the utter shambles Celtic have found themselves in this term.

Kris Commons, a former Celtic player, has taken up a role in the media and got into the swing of things very quickly when it came to his old club.

Today, he unleashed an almighty tirade on his former club, citing their decision to head to Dubai as embarrassing.

RecordSport reports Common’s comments: The news that one of their players has tested positive for coronavirus represents yet another embarrassing episode for Celtic and the club ought to be ashamed of how they’ve handled this.

Why? Because even their own assistant manager John Kennedy admitted over the weekend that there had been some ‘slip-ups’ around Covid regulations and social-distancing during the trip.

When I heard the news yesterday, there was a part of me which almost wasn’t surprised. This has turned into the season from hell for Celtic as they’ve lurched from one disaster to another.

What on earth are we to make of those comments from Kennedy? They are symptomatic of a club who are so out of touch with reality, it almost beggars belief.

Put yourself in the shoes of a Celtic fan who has sadly lost a friend or family member to Covid. Or a Celtic fan who knocks their pan in working for an NHS which is now at breaking point.

This is an absolute slap in the face to everyone whose lives have been so tragically impacted by this virus over the past year.

As one of the biggest institutions in the country, Celtic had a moral obligation to the rest of society. They had the chance to set an example and do the right thing.

But they have failed miserably.

They had ample opportunity to cancel the training camp and their failure to do so speaks of a club which has lost touch with reality.”

Celtic are waiting to find out if they can play their tie against Hibernian after the Scottish Government made an incredible decision to ask people coming from Dubai to retrospectively isolate. This trip could still have wide-reaching implications but whether that happens or not, the fact we’re in this position is a farce.


  1. Giving this idiot air time.

    you lot are just as bad as him.

    This website is sailing close to the Newsnow Celtic block list.


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