SUNSPORT claim they got their hands on emails between Peter Lawwell and Martin Bain back in 2011 before the Ibrox club plunged into the abyss over insurmountable debt.

The emails which the paper claims was sent by Lawwell to Bain outline the argument for Celtic and Rangers joining the English elite.

Here is some snapshots from the alleged email – Entitled: “What would the Old Firm bring to English football?”

  • It said “the addition of two more “giant” teams” would have “an exponential impact” on the number of big games available to be shown on TV worldwide.
  • “In a media environment craving additional quantity and quality of games, the introduction of Celtic and Rangers into the FA Premier League would have a massive impact on the ability to meet that demand.”

  • a welcome revenue boost for many clubs”.
  • “The two teams also benefit from a global following similar to that enjoyed by only a few teams in England such as Manchester United and Liverpool.
  • “Teams like Dundee United, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs and others would have the chance of competing for a title and of being crowned Champions — and a place in the UEFA Champions League.
  • “Increasing true competition is the best way to breathe fresh life into a league structure which is currently wed to a failing business model.
  • “Cities outside Glasgow would, for the first time in generations in some cases, have the chance of tasting success. The long-term financial model would be more sustainable.”


  • “There remains the potential for the Old Firm to continue to play in the Scottish Cup
  • “A new playing environment for Celtic and Rangers would be good for Glasgow and Scotland.”

Celtic and the former Rangers were chasing that golden goose for a long time before 2011 but this would have seemed like another futile attempt to try and get their attention. This was all moot after Rangers debt became apparent and the club’s future was bound for liquidation.

As a result, a new entity was born and allowed special dispensation to join the Scottish League 2. Talks of England were so far off from that point it’s rarely been brought up since.

A new European setup is the most likely outcome if Celtic were to ever leave the Scottish League. The English clubs have a monopoly on TV money and they don’t want to share that with the Scottish Champions.


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