It has been reported Section 111, the part of the ground where the Green Brigade sit will be closed on safety grounds.

Celtic apparently told the Green Brigade members this morning.

As of yet it has not been confirmed by the club.

The Green Brigade have been a force for good at Celtic Park doing some fantastic work to generate atmosphere and the Barcelona TIFO was a magnificent effort!

Green Brigade Tifo before Celtic conquered Barcelona
Green Brigade Tifo before Celtic conquered Barcelona

However they have also courted controversy with political chanting and not conducting themselves in the greatest of manners at times.

It’s a shame the club seems to have taken this decision when we thought talks between Celtic and the GB were doing some good.

This is a very evocative issue that divides the support right down the middle. We must all remember that Green Brigade or not we are ALL just Celtic fans and we treat each other with respect on this issue.

Here is the GB statement

The Green Brigade are disappointed to announce that our section in 111 is to be closed by Celtic Football Club. Pathetically, this is due to ‘lateral movement’ which has been deemed ‘unsafe’ by the club’s directors. Our group and section has continually made concessions and strived to be co-operative with the club over various safety concerns so we are left dismayed that such drastic and immediate action has been taken over such a trivial and harmless movement.

The Group is currently seeking legal advice and will consult with those in our section over the coming days. A detailed statement shall be released over the next few days and we’d advise all within our section to take no action until we have had the opportunity to discuss our options together. We would like to stress that this is not the end of the Green Brigade. Decisions and hurdles like these will only strengthen our Group’s resolve. We would like to thank the Celtic support who have continually backed, funded and inspired our group from our formation to the present day and we can assure you that none of this support will have been in vain.

Until the last rebel.

Celtic have now CONFIRMED this.

Here is a link to their statement:




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