Sell Leigh Griffiths

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The rhetoric from media outlets since Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths opened up his Scotland scoring account with two emphatic free kicks has not been one of praise and wonderment that a talent who can pull such a feet off plays in Scotland. Instead, it’s been all about selling him to whatever club had their channels set to Sky Sports last Saturday and seen him put England to the sword late on.

That’s our game in a nutshell.

While some marvel at Celtic’s accomplishments this season – an invincible treble, something that hasn’t really sunk into myself yet. Most are more interested in where they can tout these players off to in the close season. There is very little praise for Celtic bringing the likes of Sinclair and Dembele in. Well, I tell a lie, there is but it’s the most backhanded praise you’re ever likely to read. Compliments on the players talents followed up by who they’ll end up at next because they’re clearly too good for our game. Rather than soak in the fact these players chose to be at Celtic, the press choose to focus on where they’ll end up post Celtic.

Griffiths is getting the treatment this week because he’s been splashed all over the papers after the Scotland vs England game. The Scots came close to a massive upset and Leigh was the man heading the charge. There maybe some clubs that have taken a second glance at Leigh since then but it’s been nothing more than that.

The club and the player are both happy with each other. You only have to look back Leigh’s recent tweets about the club where he reiterated how much it means to play for a club like Celtic and how he doesn’t take that privilege lightly. Lesser men, who fall down the pecking order would happily move on to pastures new but Leigh is a fighter and I think he loves the challenge of trying to oust Dembele from up top.

Celtic will also be battling on four fronts come the start of the season and with only Leigh and Moussa as our recognised strikers at the moment there is no way the club would entertain a deal for Leigh.

How about we start praising the players who WANT to stay here either to develop or thrive rather than raise an eyebrow and wonder what’s wrong with them that they’d choose to stick around in Scottish football. In a week where the SFA president himself told us he wants to see a strong Rangers to challenge Celtic, disregarding Aberdeen and anyone else in the league, it shows you how insular, narrow minded and bereft of hope our game has bwent come. Celtic almost blamed for being too successful and the prevailing opinion is we need to be brought down a peg or two; sell our best players to the EPL and hopefully it’ll become a two horse race again, eh. Wishful thinking.

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  1. It’s a sad fact but that’s Celtics business model at the moment .. sell our best players to the epl .. I knew when i looked on Monday that Leigh would be attracting interest and true to form West Brom and Newcastle were meant to be going to make bids .. I hope all this changes but the way Scottish football is I can’t see it .. we will continue to develop players and if any decent bids come in they will be off

    • Where they really going to bid though? I doubt it. Mair fantasy pish frae the SMSM, I widnae believe them if they told me horses cannae fly.

  2. Jack is right , the media are out of order, especially at this time of year , close season transfer window opening up, all these various websites fanzine type rags , your average hack starts a rumour without any foundation, and all of a sudden it snowballs out of control, others join in and the whole thing becomes farcical, but that’s how they operate , mischief making stories about nothing, I doubt very much if Newcastle United or West Bromwich Albion ever really expressed any genuine interest in Leigh Griffiths but someone asks a question and it’s always a loaded question and it starts from there, total nonsense. But they’ve got to right something so if you don’t have facts just make it up as you go along,, and plenty more will join in giving your unfounded rumours some kind a credibility, lies and guesswork most of it. If you look back a year ago when we first signed up Dembelle how many of the mischief makers predicted that one ? Not many , but we did our business in private working behind the scenes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar will happen again pretty soon , leaving the fairytales stories floating around and going nowhere, Hail Hail.

  3. He is going no were Newcastle or wba NoEuropean football relegation battle every year no it would be the wrong move .and how much would Celtic get 5 to6 million .he has got to be in 10 to12 million mark u would think keep him Celtic can’t afford quality player like him .

  4. U no I live in England and it’s like a linsh mob every body wanting to have a go at Celtic what a advert for Scottish football Celtic have tremendous supporters and club .then u have rangers brack all sorts off football laws and get a Pat on the back something not right up there .SFA are they bent .

  5. The MSM are HUN bias have been for years this nothing new. Look back the the way the old now dead RFC controlled the press if we had a good news story, they had a better made up one frnt and back pages. Don’t buy papers and stay off SnideFM


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