BRENDAN RODGERS has told how he was made aware of Leigh Griffiths situation by some players at the club who were concerned about the Celtic striker’s behaviour.

The Irishman spoke really well on Wednesday in his post-match press conference as he explained Leigh needs to take time away from the game in order to fight personal battles.

It has been a dark period for the Scotland International who has had injuries as well as the burden of mental health problems.

Rodgers believes the perception of footballers is all wrong and just because they’re flying or being paid good money to do their job – it doesn’t guarantee their well being.

“People see football players with money and the public associate that with everything being all right — but that’s not always the case.

“Footballers aren’t robots. They’re young guys who still have issues — it’s just they’re very, very talented.”

“A couple of the senior players rang me when I got to know about an incident that happened.”

“For guys who have issues and you ask them what their best day was, it’s when it all comes out.

“I remember talking to a player who had huge gambling issues and when I quizzed him on what was the best feeling he said was when his wife caught him because that finished it and he could start to make himself better.

“Until that point he was living a lie. Sometimes that can be your life.”

It’s thought Leigh went missing on Monday evening and was found in Edinburgh nine miles away from his home.

Rodgers spoke of the incident as a cry for help and the club along with his family are now making sure he gets the help he needs.

Football takes a back seat to people’s health and well being and it’s absolutely correct Leigh is given time away from the limelight to get better.

Celtic fans will be standing and applauding on the 9th minute of the Salzburg game this evening to show their support for Leigh who will no doubt be watching from afar.

We wish him all the best.



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