CELTIC now know they will have to defend themselves next month with regards to an SFA charge that surely should be thrown out if anyone looks at the footage.

After the game, Scott Brown celebrated on the pitch when Andy Halliday ran about 30-yards to confront Brown and cause a flashpoint after the game.

Celtic have been charged with failing to control three or more player/coaches who have taken part in a confrontation with opposing players.

Andy Halliday caused the whole thing – no Celtic player or coach reacts under severe provocation with Scott Bain only holding off Andy Halliday as he fought through the tears to try and get his words out.

The Celtic players were caught up in this with a good few Ibrox players trying to get their pound of flesh. The bhoys walked away and celebrated with their fans, you know, as they were doing before Halliday’s intervention.

You would hope Celtic fight this charge which could incur a fine if found guilty.


  1. It is time to stop messing around with these idiots and bring in the lawyers.
    The SFA are not fit for purpose and this needs to be taken to the courts.
    There is no chance of fairness when the SFA are involved. They make up rules to suit and also only apply them as is suitable. The bias is so obvious that it is unbelievable that they get away with it.
    The evidence is quite clear here as to who was to blame, but the arrogance of power kills reason.

  2. Draw it out of them give them rope who has it in for our club, get a full report on their rules and nail them dead you could drive a horse and cart through these sevco supporters ,as it looks they got the jobs not what they know, more by who they know

  3. Broonzilla, was only doing what he normally does. That’s if there is anybody left in the away end (or the home end away) To let them tell their Celtic supporting grannies, wifes, friends. That he bejjebered them.

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