In a not so surprising twist to the Scottish Cup final saga, it has been confirmed that the Celtic game will not be aired UK-wide as previously suggested by Scottish Football Association (SFA) Chief, Ian Maxwell. Instead, BBC England will be airing ‘Garden Rescue’, leaving Scottish football fans perplexed and disappointed.

Just a few days ago, Maxwell had justified the shift of the Scottish Cup final kick-off time from the traditional 3pm slot to a later 5:30pm start. His reasoning? To ensure that the Scottish Cup final would be broadcast UK-wide on BBC One, thereby increasing the visibility of Scottish football’s showpiece occasion.

Here is Ian Maxwell’s letter to the Government after he was asked why the decision had been made.

However, this claim has now been proven misleading, as the Celtic game will not grace the screens of the wider UK audience. Instead, viewers will be treated to the horticultural delights of ‘Garden Rescue’. This revelation has left many questioning the validity of Maxwell’s initial justification for the rescheduling.

This isn’t the first time that the Scottish Cup final has been overshadowed on UK-wide television. In previous years, various other programs have taken precedence over the match, from Athletics to ‘Escape to the Country’. This trend, coupled with the latest ‘Garden Rescue’ debacle, has left a bitter taste in the mouths of Scottish football fans.

Despite the broadcast blunder, Celtic remains focused on the task at hand. The team is on the brink of another monumental milestone – a potential treble, which would mark the eighth in their unbroken history. The final against Inverness on June 3 is a testament to Celtic’s hard work and the managerial prowess of Ange Postecoglou.

While the broadcast decision may have left fans feeling sidelined, the anticipation for the Scottish Cup final remains high. Regardless of the kick-off time or the TV schedule, the Celtic faithful will be eagerly awaiting the chance to cheer their team on to another potential victory.


  1. One question, Do you think they would change the kick off time for the English cup final. Reply in two inch letters on back of postage stamp.

  2. Wonder if maxwell dosent want miss the Enlish final will have to attend a final that he has picked the officails to stop the flow of the game caley getiing all the time to slow the game down with what we have seen since the start after winter break its there way they cant cope with Celtic fitness they will ruin our scottish cup final as a way to show the viewers an advert for our football is going to be ruined cause of there bias against Celtic-FC-1888 history as a club and now going to set a new record for world leaders of winnig the most trebles in there home league which the will SFA do anything even embarrase scottish football instead of treating it as a great thing for our country in world football to have one of there clubs name up on top not our SFA rather not promote our football for sponsirship which SFAhave not the firsight to see old biased duffers need a change the whole lot


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