STEVIE NAISMITH will face no punishment for his vile actions at Tynecastle on Saturday the SFA has confirmed.

The Hearts man kicked out at Jonny Hayes before berating the player as he lay motionless on the floor.

Jonny has had a bad run of injuries but Naismith thought it was appropriate to abuse the Irishman for making an honey challenge for the ball.

The big thing here is early this afternoon it was brought to our attention Scott Brown was also going to be potentially in the dock for an ‘elbow’.

The compliance officer has decided not to charge Naismith or Brown.

Brown’s looks anything but deliberate while Naismith’s lashig our and verbal abuse which followed was quite brash.

It would appear, to the more sceptical viewer that the Scott Brown incident was brought up in order to quelling noise over Naismith being let off the hook.

That’s two weeks, two different players kicking out at fellow preoffesional and both times they have been let off the hook – is it now open season for violent conduct?


  1. Well lets hope the hoops get right in about it then and start leathering cnuts on the field of play as it seems that if you get your attacks in first fuq all happens………..Hail Hail

  2. Blatant opportunistic manipulation by Scottish football authorities.
    Several seasons ago Naismith fractured Sean Maloney’ s face and got away with it. He needs sorted out. It would be worth a red card to remove him from the pitch for several games. We should be administering our own justice like the late Sean Fallon and several others used to do. Hail Hail

  3. Compliance officer should change his title to completely useless officer
    He is destroying the game
    His hatred of fair play is astonishing
    Still waiting on his response about the dead and all the cheating
    But as I said completely useless officer
    Hail Hail


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