According to reports, Scott Brown was potentially on the hook for a challenge on St Johnstone frontman Michael O’Halloran on Sunday in a flashpoint not many people recall.

SunSport reported the SFA panel looked into a challenge between the Celtic captain and Michael but are now satisfied the challenge was accidental and there was no malice in it.

The SFA confirmed in November, their compliance officer Claire Whyte will be leaving the role in January and they haven’t stated if they will fill the position or look for a shakeup in procedures which have come in for some heavy criticism over the piece.


We saw it last season when Ryan Christie was retrospectively punished for a challenge on Alfredo Morelos but during a previous fixture Morelos had gotten away with something very similar on Ryan Christie. It’s been inconsistent and things like even the Scott Brown tackle being scrutinised after the weekend speaks to a bigger picture.

Anyone with half a brain would’ve looked at the footage and not even thought it merited a conversation.

Celtic are in big trouble in the SPFL this season, stumbling so far behind in the title race it looks irretrievable at this point.


  1. Fair enough looking at possible dodgy tackles as the space age rules goes well beyond the monochrome Scotsport 1970.s highlights that any nice ref could rubber ear if he was told to ? ..I.d like to know what the rewind tv suits thought of the Craig Bryson horrendous tackle which was judged as a minor challenge by a yellow card .. my eyes are not 20/20..quality but even I could see the st Johnstone player made no attempt to play the ball and the man in black was about 3 feet away with a better view than I did ,but as I said ” distinct tumbleweed ” on this obvious red card lunge , enough tumbleweed to recreate Clint Eastwood’s westerns for a few movies yet “


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