SFA officials are under the spotlight. It’s not of Celtic’s doing but of those who seek to undermine Celtic this season and make sure we don’t get any more favourable decisions.

The meltdown to a marginal offside goal that’s still being debated has been surreal at times. We have had so many hacks come out in the press and moan about Kyogo’s goal, the same hacks who said nothing when the Ibrox club were afforded a draw thanks to a non-penalty being given to the Govan club earlier in the season. Also, the same hacks who aren’t really bothered or whipping up a storm about the potential leg break Calum Butcher perpetrated on David Turnbull at the weekend. We’ve also had the SFA chief of referees go on air to let us all know the goal shouldn’t have stood – again something we’ve not seen before.

Officials are bad if they’re in any way seen to give Celtic the benefit of the doubt, but it doesn’t even reach the top ten football stories when it’s across the city.

Some say it might be out of fear due to a resurgent Celtic. It’s no coincidence our star player is being attacked at every opportunity and our manager continues to be undermined.

That all being said, you’ll be delighted to know that John Beaton has been handed the League Cup final duties. You can absolutely bet your money if there are any marginal calls to make, they will go against Celtic after the media storm.

During the Dundee Utd game on Sunday, it was already at play with Celtic being pulled back several times even though they were in an onside position.


  1. Not too mention the love bite that Souter inflicted on Kyogo ‘s body . Maybe Kyogo did that damage to himself !!!!!!

  2. The Champions league pot is all that matters and they want the new club to survive. 1 Trophy in that clubs history and sfa,Referees and media are all behind them reaching that goal.

    • You’re spot on mate. They all know that if they don’t get the UCL pot of gold, then they’re as doomed as the previous tenants of £brokes.

      It’ll be all the sweeter when we’re holding the trophy aloft come May


  3. The mouth frothing coming from the media is only expected as well as other outlets that are once again dining with the succulent lamb, This will end hopefully the way it ended before but this time for good , the anti Celtic drivel they spew will put the final nail in the coffin of Scottish Sport Media incompetence and obvious bias

  4. I cannot believe they are still going on about a goal that was offside. The game is over nothing is going to change move on.
    I’m positive that Celtic are not the only club that has scored a goal that was offside and it was given, if there that interested in offside goals given watch every game this season and see how many you find and there not all Celtic but saying that last season was a shocker were sevco got a few nothing mentioned have a look back at them

  5. Kyogo is the best player in the Masonic Scottish League and is winning over the neutrals with his fantastic skills and warming smile. The Scottish Rags can’t handle it so they start a rumour that he cheats then out trots all the turds and has-beens to have a go in the hope of clipping his wings.
    Fat chance! Kyogo will go from strength to strength and offer a winning smile as he holds aloft the League Title.
    While Sevco go down the stank hole like dead Rangers did in 2012.


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