The SFA has today given players carte blanche to stick one on their opponents going forward with Ryan Kent being offered just a TWO MATCH BAN for violent conduct on the field of play.

In an astonishing move by the governing body, they have decided that lashing out a fellow professional isn’t that much of an offence at all.

Many were expecting a hefty ban for the thug Liverpool loanee who’s goal made no difference in the outcome of the match. Should we even be surprised at this point with this latest decision?

Bad tackles are one thing but when you clearly go out to try and attack another professional footballer in a game of that magnitude then you should be given some serious suspension time.

Instead, Kent will miss two games and be able to play for the club again before he runs back up to Liverpool to sit in the reserves.

Read the full notice below.

Fast Track Notice of Complaint | Fast Track Notice of Complaint | Ryan Kent, Player, Rangers FC

Player: Ryan Kent, Player, Rangers FC

Match: Celtic FC v Rangers FC Sunday 31 March 2019

Competition: Scottish Premiership

Disciplinary Rule allegedly breached: Disciplinary Rule 200 : Where any one of the sending off offences of (A1) serious foul play, (A2) violent conduct, and (A3) spitting at an opponent or other person is committed by a player at a match, but that sending off offence was not seen by any of the match officials at the time that it was committed the mandatory suspension for that sending off offence as provided for in Annex C of the Judicial Panel Protocol shall be applied to the player.

Any Fast Track Notice of Complaint alleging a breach of this Rule shall be Determined by a Fast Track Tribunal subject to the provisions of Section 13.

Fast Track Tribunal Hearing: Thursday 4 April 2019


  1. Good grief, The wee sh1te Kent assaulted Broony in front of the world. TV cameras were everywhere and the wonderful mason Scottish polis are warning Broony and Celtic about celebrations. This was’nt a bad tackle….IT WAS A FECKIN ASSAULT. He punched Broony, and his guardian Gerrard is whinging about provacation. Jabba the Hun is writing the script for slippy.
    Kent should be in a cell polishing the bolt in his neck waiting sentence. You couldn’t make it up.


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