Within an hour of the news breaking that Celtic would be seeking answers over the ridiculous decision to use a camera well behind the play to call the Jota offside. We’ve already got an explanation coming through the press.

According to SunSport, who have clearly got an answer from the SFA, broadcasters are being blamed for the incident.

9th November 2022; Fir Park, Motherwell, N Lanarkshire, Scotland, Scottish Premier league football, Motherwell versus Celtic: Joao Pedro Neves Filipe Jota of Celtic beats Liam Kelly of Motherwell but VAR rules his goal out

It’s being reported the SFA have written to the broadcasters over the cameras not focusing on the play at the time. Apparently the cameras at that side of the pitch were taking in the action on the dugout with the managers at the time the incident took place

Celtic won 2-1 on the night, even after Jota’s goal had been chopped off. The bhoys managed to get the second through Daizen Maeda.

After another round of fixtures, Celtic are still seven points clear at the top of the table.

There’s one more game with VAR before the World Cup break. The powers that be really need to get their house in order during the break.


  1. If that was the case how could the person in charge of VAR say that Jota was offside if the camera was focused on the dugouts. . . . . . ..

    • Offside had been given by the linesman so the only way the goal could have stood was if VAR had proved he was onside.
      So that is a new excuse for them: if Celtic are attacking just point the cameras at the sky, dugouts, anywhere other than the park and the linesman can flag to his hearts content.
      I’ve never known anyone be offside in the dugout.

      • Thanks for the heads up on that. I didn’t know that the linesman had flagged. It seems that Jota was actually onside, and they are using the camera’s pointing at the dugout as a get-out for not havingto show the footage.

        When you have watched this type of behaviour from the SFA and their minions for nigh on 40 years you take nothing they say as truth.

  2. yep, over 50 years since my first games and tiny wharton, Bobby (Aber)Davidson and an endless string since then….Call it for what it was, is and always will be…Cheats..now with an additional tool in their armoury !!!


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