It was only back in December that Alfredo Morelos kicked Scott Brown between the legs, grabbed Ryan Christie between the legs and then stamped on Anthony Ralston’s back. The player went unpunished during the game but after watching video evidence some disciplinary panel thought these three incidents were all part of the game of football.

The Columbian later posted the image of him standing on young Ralston’s back on his social media page.

Last night Scott Brown was involved in an incident where he looked to have stamped on an opponent. Whether it was deliberate or not is anybody’s guess. Neill Lennon didn’t think there was anything wrong in his post-match interview, the BT panel, on the other hand, all screamed red card.

All punters want when it comes to discipline and rules is consistency. The SFA have already shown this week by offering Ryan Kent a two-game ban that they are just making it up as they go along. They don’t seem to have any yardstick or marker to follow. Maybe they should re-examine the three Morelos incidents if they are going to look at Brown’s challenge last night.



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