It was at the start of October when Kevin Clancy took charge of Celtic vs Hibs and had an absolute shocker of a game from start to finish for both sides. From a Celtic point of view he denied two stonewall penalties in the game for the Scottish Champions which did influence the final result.

We reported the week after the Easter Road game the whistler didn’t get a game in any Scottish division – pointing to perhaps some sort of punishment for not doing his job to even a mediocre standard. It appears the SFA referee’s department were simply letting the referee lie low, taking the heat off him before putting him right back into a top fixture after the international break.

Clancy will take charge of Hearts vs The Rangers at Fir Park on Sunday proving the SFA simply don’t listen and don’t care when one of there so called top referees put’s in an astonishingly below par performance. Should we be surprised? Probably not,


  1. Why can’t we as supporters of all clubs not just my club Celtic,complain in vast numbers to the appropriate authorities about the referees in this country & the people who orginise,oversee & appoint these referees for being members of a secret society,who it is well known look after their so called brothers,so therefore it’s stands to reason that they are being biased against those who are not members of the society,why does no one question why this is even allowed in a modern society where discrimination is usually frowned upon !


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