Local Glasgow councillor Martin McIlroy has written to George Gillespie, Executive Director Neighbourhoods and Sustainability at Glasgow City Council; Peter Lawwell, Chief Executive of Celtic Football Club; and Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty, Divisional Commander – Greater Glasgow Division to challenge all parties to learn from the treble treble party debacle.

Celtic fans were on a massive high and in jubilant mood as the bhoys bagged a historic treble treble. The club had already messed up by booking out the stadium for a Rugby match so Celtic fans couldn’t congregate outside thew stadium like they did ater the double treble. However, they’d be let down even further by the club, GCC and most of all Police Scotland who failed to put any real measures in place to make sure the bus parade went ahead as planned through Glasgow.

No barriers, not enough police and traffic management on the day meant the bus had to be rerouted and ultimately cancelled. Police Scotland have tried to blame the fans for this but there was nothing in place at all. We even had the Evening Times writing articles about rubbish being left on the streets by Celtic fans with no mention that GCC had not even bothered to provide more places to put refuse on the day.

It’s so easy to blame the fans who were in jubilant mood but in reality, you just have to look at the Liverpool Champions League bus parade to know the Celtic fans were let down here, not the other way around.

Mr McElroy acknowledges this and has sent the following letter to the aforementioned parties.

“I appreciate that the decision was made with public safety as the primary concern, however, the factors that led up to the cancellation were entirely predictable and avoidable.

“I witnessed myself the inadequate preparations for the agreed route with no pedestrian barriers, insufficient stewards or police, conflicting information, and virtually no other arrangements beyond the closure of the road.

“Glasgow has hosted many world class events in the recent past, and we fantastic knowledge and experience. We cannot let incidents like this jeopardise our internationally renowned reputation and we must do everything possible to avoid a repeat of the chaos we saw that day.”

Celtic fans did not let the fact the bus didn’t turn up ruin their day and the fans partied well into the night, turning Glasgow green and white with some amazing scenes.

Martin McElroy added to his letter by telling the Evening Times lessons need to be learned.

“If Hearts, Hibs or Aberdeen won a trophy, it’s a certainty that fans would expect an open top bus through the streets.”

“Just look at the scenes from Liverpool with the supporters who weren’t able to go to the game but still wanted to enjoy the atmosphere.

“We’ve never really had this in Glasgow for our team’s achievements.

“The chaos from the aftermath of the Scottish Cup final shows that we still have work to do.

“We need to make sure that fans aren’t let down in the future and we can have properly organised events going forward.”



  1. The cooncil better sort it for next May when the teddy bears will be parading through glesga on the open bus ,only a matter of time

  2. Michael your right there are always barriers put in place regarding Celtic only in this case none appeared on the pavements. I travelled 50 miles to see the open top parade and left after 20 minutes. It started raining no info, minority of fans acting badly just a mess. However your letting the Celtic boardget away with murder. They could have arranged it on Sunday at parkhead, made it a great family day, not rocket science, they are the main culprits🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☘️


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