Journalist and Celtic fan Brian McNally took to social media on Sunday to tear into Dermot Desmond and the board as he watched Celtic drop more points.

Celtic could only manage a 1-1 draw against Dundee Utd on Sunday and it further compounds their problematic start to the season.

Brian is quite clear on who he thinks is to blame for the ‘shambles’ Celtic are currently in.

The board had ample time to get things in place this season and could have been building from very early this year when we already knew the dream of ten in a row was over.

The board and Desmond absolutely blew it with the appointment of Eddie Howe and brought Ange in under difficult circumstances. They didn’t do their squad management due diligence. Leaving us desperately short and a couple of injuries away from a crisis. Those injuries have come and Celtic are in a desperate place.

Ange should carry the can for some of the results but his hands have been tied.

The fact we’re so underprepared for this season falls at the door of Desmond and the board and Brian is right to highlight that. Even pointing out the farcical Dom McKay exit as another reason this board is not fit for purpose.


  1. Might as well give rangers the title now because i don’t think we r goin 2 win desmond i think u a the board should leave now. Pls 4 the sake of winning this league.

    • Hold your horses Paul,it is not the end of the world consider the recent past history,all great teams have there problems look at Liverpool Manchester United it will take time to steady the ship

  2. Dom McKay has gone because he is an honest man, the only way he could have stayed was by fixing the whole mess caused by Lawwell and Desmonds friendship and skullduggery with the then Rangers and now Sevco. Lets be honest here, we’ve been watching nothing but a field version of wrestling, it’s a total fix, we were never going to be allowed to win the ten, Sevco need the champions league slot to survive which they ballsed up, this one is a must for them and Pete and dezzy will oblige. Those to treacherous men must go, not just for the sake of Celtic, but for the sake of the sport.

    • So theres no point in Celtic ever competing as its all pre-arranged that we have no chance?

      Thought the Brendan era would have stopped all that deluded conspiracy nonsense and the loser mentality some fans have when we fail

  3. 7 games in and a journalist comes out with such rubbish no hint of the board doing it wrong when we were doing the quadruple !

    A whole new team which is yet to gel, grow some balls and allow the necessary time for players to work with Ange.

    31 games to go and you want to give the league away I’d say your a closet Rangers supporter.

    Make no mistake we will be in the mix come May 2022 ???

  4. And my second point how much money has DD contributed to our great club over the years ?

    A decade of success and we forget what people have done ✅ time is the key let it happen and trust the players and staff to deliver but not after 7 games FFS?


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