CHRIS SUTTON has gone on a Twitter rant about his old teammate Neil Lennon’s treatment at Tynecastle on Wednesday night.

The former Celtic boss was struck with a pound coin after gesturing for Hearts fans to sit down when they thought their team had scored a late winner in the Edinburgh Derby.

This is not the first time Neil Lennon has been attacked at Tynecastle; as Celtic boss, a pitch invader tried to take out the Lennon during a heated match.

The same things that were said back then are being said today – ‘He brings it on himself’.

The caveat from all who say this is ‘I’m not condoning coin throwing, BUT’. It’s a cowards train of thought and gives the coin thrower or any potential harm coming to the Hibs boss being somewhat warranted.

Chris Sutton was clear, there is no excuse for any of this in football and the sooner people stop justifying it because Neil Lennon has given a little bit back to a Hearts support who would have been most certainly calling him some vile things throughout the game.

Sutton slammed former Celtic defender Gary Caldwell for his comments on the incident as well as anyone else who thinks it was in any way justified.



  1. Neil Lennon loves the banter and goes 100% into the game as many manager would love to do but most do not Lennon motivates his players and his fans by doing the things he does,its who he is,and no one should throw coins or attack him or any manager or any one,when Lennon is in that moment it is banter not aggression….

  2. Totally agree 100%, this seems to be the mindset and get out clause of so called middle of the rold morons , slaughter the actual perpetrators and then give a but. ” I thought the Holocaust was terrible, but thone Jews. …..”

    Time something was done about Scotland shame

  3. Look like Suttys correct in his asumption, that these mindless Idiot who call themselves supporters, have a bren rifle full of ten bob bits. Just waiting for a flashpoint to happen. Nobody on the park is to blame, for such shi7ebag thuggery.

  4. So he brought it on himself, I suppose he brought the attack at hearts by a scumbag who does not deserve to breath let alone be set free by the judiciary,his fault!!!!! What the feck is going on in this poxy game now,I weary for the future,?am 72 ,thought I seen it all over the years,but now, god give me strength,!!!!!!


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