After the Green Brigade’s annual charity Foodbank drive was targeted by jobsworth police and traffic wardens, Celtic have confirmed they have contacted Glasgow City Council.

GCC will NOT, I repeat NOT rescind the fines needlessly handed out to vans sitting outside Celtic Park waiting to take donations to local food banks.

It’s deplorable, shameful and I believe another attempt to harass well meaning Celtic fans.

Imagine this happening away from a football ground, there’s absolutely no way the police would have fined charity workers. What’s more, if this was any other organisation other than football fans, we’d see rallying cries from the government for common sense to prevail. We’ve not had anything by the way.

The SNPs contempt for football fans continues to be a massive issue for them. They roll out Baccara when Scotland are playing, but when it comes to domestic football fans, there’s a lot of contempt there.

Celtic confirmed they have contacted the affected food banks and make sure they are reimbursed, which is something.


  1. If it was Ipox, the polis would be falling over themselves to load the vans.
    If Celtic take the moron on that was behind the herding of Celtic fans, this will only backfire on CELTIC. As for the council, what do you expect from Granny Sturgeons zealots. There’s an old saying, be wary of who you sh1t on, on the way up, cause on the way down…..

  2. Maybe next year we can have tanks as the means of collecting. After all, it was only last month where a blue bar had one sitting outside its door with no problems at all. Agree with what George says and that the SNP are an enemy of Celtic Football Club. The whole episode is a shambles and disgrace. Everyone of them (police and politicians) should hang their heads in shame

    • Exactly 18871888, seems to be a hell of lot of Unionists here. OK to sing and chant about Ireland’s freedom but Scotland? Na- lets be like the Huns and pledge loyalty to Britain & the Crown-if you get caught speeding is that also the SNPs fault? Give me strength

  3. The only people to blame are the bigots in charge of the police and wardens concerned. As far as the leadership of the SNP go, I’m pretty sure they’ve got more on their plate than the question of parking on London Road. As an Independence supporter and republican I’ll continue voting for a party that gets us free of perpetual Tory rule from London. That could be SNP, Greens or Alba but it certainly won’t be for any of the Unionist Parties. Whoever instructed these parking tickets to be handed out should be sacked.

  4. Is that honestly the best excuse they could muster.. in case Fire Engines & Ambulances need to get by? How wide are Ambulances & Fire Engines nowadays that they couldn’t get passed a parked Transit Van on London Road & the Vans could’ve pulled away in that case?? Utter bollocks & an act of out & out provocation by Plod, looks like the snidey War that’s been rumbling for years is making them make PR mistakes in public though. What could they possibly be angry & agitated at us for?


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