Don’t worry this video appears to be from before lockdown but it does show Republic of Ireland and Brighton defender Shane Duffy partying with Celtic fans.

The video shows a raucous pub chanting ‘here we go ten in a row’ before breaking into a ‘there’s only one Shane Duffy’ song.

The Irishman proceeds to lap it up and sink his pint while fans continue to chant.

Shane Duffy is out of favour at Brighton but there’s not been any real suggestion he could end up at Celtic, although a lot of fans would like to see this happen.

Duffy is a more no-nonsense defender some supporters are crying out for after the Kilmarnock game on Sunday. Shane is under contract until 2023, meaning there’s no way Celtic could get him on the cheap, even if he is out of favour.

The defender is most likely going to continue his career somewhere down south.


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