Shane Duffy has had a bit of fun at the expense of James McClean.

The pair are away with Ireland for the international week and we’re pictured together training ahead of their tie against Azerbaijan.

Shane spent a season at Celtic and his time at the club can only be described as an unmitigated disaster.

The defender has a torrid time at his boyhood heroes to the point he was benched from January onwards.

Duffy was never right for Celtic. He wasn’t signed because the powers that be thought he was exactly what we needed but he was signed because he was a Premier League player who was a die hard Celtic fan.

Shane has his strengths but playing as a defender high up the pitch with a team on the front foot isn’t one of them.

Brighton suites the defender with a low lying back line.

James McClean is Celtic daft and would love to play for the club. Shane made the joke after his poor spell at the club – Celtic don’t want any more men from Derry.



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