SHAY LOGAN has shown his true colours on social media with the Aberdeen star kitted out in Hoops!

The injured defender seems to be heading off on his stag do and he’s been put in something he really doesn’t look happy wearing.

Not only that, he has Scott Brown’s name and number on the back of his jersey.

He looks very proud as he poses for pictures.

Logan has an apparent dislike of Celtic, well who wouldn’t when you’ve been skelped so often by the Scottish Champions!

It’s nice to see the player actually getting near a Celtic jersey.

Logan was sent off after a Celtic vs Aberdeen match last season for acting like an idiot and taking a swing at a Celtic player. The defender went off up the tunnel as Celtic stuck about to lift the title.

Celtic has a massive semi final against the dons in mid-April where the two teams will go head to head for a place in the Scottish Cup Final.



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