Compare and contrast these two decisions made by official Alan Muir during the Scottish Cup tie between Celtic and Partick Thistle.

The bhoys conceded late on because the referee handed Thistle a penalty for something which should never have been given.

Frimpong was penalised for tracking back and trying to stop Celtic from conceding but in the first half Frimpong was denied a penalty for a very clear nudge on him.

Soft, yes, but a foul on our player? Absolutely.

Muir giving the penalty is an absolute joke and prevented the clean sheet on the day for Celtic.

It didn’t impact the final result but a shocking decision nonetheless.

The bhoys are now in the fifth round of the Scottish Cup and will find out their next opponents on Sunday evening.

Next up, it’s back to SPFL action for the champions. Kilmarnock away on a Wednesday. Celtic will be looking to hit the ground running as they look to bounce back in the league.


  1. Won the game but we are in poor shape, again this back passing is dire. a better team than partick and we would have been glad of a penalty, the three that got a run out, offered nothing and as far as the three that played late on, there best time will be eating time as for Greg Taylor he will never make a wing back, or a back of any sort.

  2. Won the game but we are in poor shape, again this back passing is dire. a better team would have beat us easy, the three that got game time offered nothing the three that came on late offered less ,and as far as Taylor is. Concerned he ain’t a wing back. Not sure if he is a back at all.

    • Was like watching shitey Rodgers tip-tap style again..bollocks to that.
      I’m all for giving people a proper chance,but have to agree about Taylor…i just dont see what he brings…Lewis Morgan standard in my opinion.
      Julien and Jozo looked edgy despite being relatively untested.
      No recognized wingers on to start…front pair of Ed and Griff will never work. All in all that game gave me the horrors…and thats not to mention the refereeing signs of things to come.

  3. Give it a rest all this moaning let the team have a chance to blend they have enough to contend with when you look at that scandolous penalty decision and the SFA lot who turn a blind eye to blatant cheating and gun and knife sign threats.


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