FORMER Ibrox star Lee McCulloch has made the outrageous claim Steven Gerrard’s team have to turn ‘nasty’ to win their game against Celtic on Saturday.

The midfielder was no stranger to making a ‘nasty’ challenge. McCulloch once injured Beram Kayal, leaving the Israeli on the sidelines for a long time due to his disdain for a fellow professional’s safety.

It’s no surprise Lee is trying to promote a violent approach to the Glasgow Derby in order not to lose. It’s pretty pathetic.

“It would help to get the nastiness back that we had that day in 2012.” McCulloch told RecordSport.

“We had that nastiness not to get beaten. We’d do whatever it took to not get beat so the fans didn’t get let down.

“Rangers won’t have a better chance of winning than on Saturday. They’ve not been as well equipped as they are right now in almost seven years.

“Rangers have only been beaten once in the league at Ibrox this season, by Aberdeen, so this one is massive and it would be huge psychologically because if it doesn’t happen then your mentality becomes, ‘We can’t beat them.’

“There have been different Rangers teams in the past few years that haven’t beaten 
Celtic but you have now got Greegsy back.”

People of an Ibrox persuasion are getting desperate in their pursuit of stopping Celtic.

Since Brendan Rodgers took charge of the bhoys, they have not lost a game to the Govan club, and the Irishman has won all four games away in the Glasgow Derby.

McCulloch knows they can’t match Celtic man for man and believes the only way of getting anything from the match is to kick Celtic all over the park.

Classy advice from a classy guy.


  1. Typical Hun Mentality.And no wonder Manchester saw these Cretins in Full Bloom.Just like there support.A disgrace.Rangers in Liquidation were just the same.Different Shit but same flies.HH Mon the HooPs intae Them

  2. Now we know how deep this goes spreading the word trying to put fear into our players if they hold on the ball,lets be strong and play hard and without fear lets take this game to them and end it as quick as we can,the time is near they have used all the tactics they can to try and beat us, let us play like men and show them we are BOSS lets do this Celtic do it now….


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