CELTIC fans aren’t happy with Scott Sinclair after his substitute appearance at Fir Park.

The Englishman is still currently Celtic’s top goalscorer this season with 17 goals to his name but his form in general is nowhere near where it was last season.

Having been benched the past few games Sinclair came on as a substitute for the last half an hour of today’s game against Motherwell and had the best chance of the match to win the game.

However, an off-form Scott Sinclair fluffed it and the game ended 0-0 and fans aren’t happy.



  1. After the highs of last week this is a hard one to take, poor poor effort today from the team I cant understand it, we were rotten down that left side all day and typical the best chance fell to Sinclair!!

  2. It’s not just Sinclair, Rodgers has to be blamed for this result, wtf is he thinking bringing off Edouard and Ntcham, these 2 guys were about the only ones creating something and he brings them off for 2 diddies, if Rodgers never had the season he had last year people would be wanting him sacked after the results we’ve had this year, especially in Europe.

  3. Scott Sinclair has flattered to deceive at every club he has been at, He has manged to get big contracts and then just falls away. What you are seeing is the real Scott Sinclair. A player of limited ability who has been found out by the defenders in the SPL. He does the same thing every single time he gets the ball. He is so predictable. He is of no use to Celtic at all. But he is one of Brendan’s favourites and will continue to half-arse his way through his contract before ending up at Bristol rovers where he belongs. Why sign Musonda? And Armstrong? Why is he even in the squad he should have done one to Aberdeen with his pal. He is not interested in playing for Celtic and it is a disgrace that Rodgers allowed him to do what he done last summer. If Celtic cash in on these two clowns they will be lucky to get 2 million for the two of them. But it is 2 million more than they are worth. Get rid of the two of them as soon as possible. This is the reason that Sevco are confident. Any team would be confident when you look at this performance which lets be honest is more like the Celtic of 2017/18 than last week. It is a good job we are playing garbage every week. If there was one moire semi decent team in this league then we would be second. Better players needed about 6 or 7 of them.

  4. So much negativity from so called Celtic supporters, they really do need a reality check. It is not so long ago we had RD in charge and the quality then was not outstanding. Some are willing to carp on week after week. In the fullness of time you will come to realise these were the good times, setting records and benchmarks for others to follow, yet what do I read day after day, …………… whatever happened to faithful through and through. You’re beginning to join the ranks of the Judas Brigade , former Celts who would rather take the shilling than tell the way it is , Remain positive for the Ten.


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