Since the draw was made it would appear Valencia have gone out their way to treat Celtic fans with contempt; no neutral zones inside the stadium, no extra tickets to keep up with demand, no fan zone organised by the city to welcome a large Contingent. Tonight it appears Valencia police are attacking some supporters without any provocation.

The video below, posted by FACKTHEBILL shows a group of Celtic fans being marched down a street and as they get further away the police seemingly start to openly attack the supporters without any sort of provocation.

Celtic fans have been subject to this before when heavy-handed policing in Amsterdam led to the arrests of several Celtic fans who were eventually acquitted of any wrongdoing by the courts.

It would appear Valencia as a whole are treating the Celtic fans with contempt, and before the game tomorrow the bhoys must keep their wits about them.


  1. The Fascist spirit of Franco is alive and well in España. The police there are mindless thugs and Fascism is never far from view.

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