ST JOHNSTONE Striker Graham Cummins wrote a blog for the Cork Evening Echo after his Ibrox heroics seen them humble the home side.

The Cork City born footballer came off the bench to score within 20 seconds and help resign The Rangers to their first defeat in four.

However, the Irishman was shocked at a few things on his visit to Ibrox, the pitch being in such a state and the expectations of the angry fanbase who turned on their team rather fast, expecting an easy win.

The delusional lot should know by now that a defeat is always round the corner.

He wrote:

In the past, Ibrox’s surface has always been like a carpet but on Saturday it was the worst I’ve seen it.

Obviously, the weather hasn’t helped groundsmen across the country but I was surprised by the condition of the pitch, considering how good it has been in the past.

Rangers aren’t the same team they were years ago, however, their supporters still expect them to roll teams over at Ibrox.

The Rangers fans were groaning at every mistake made by one of their players and it seemed to affect the Gers’ players.

Even Rangers’ substitutes were receiving abuse when they went down the touchline to warm-up Sitting on the bench I was itching to get on.

Cummins scored the third goal putting the Saints out of sight and sending the Ibrox crowd home rather disgruntled.


  1. I doubt the Real RainJurz would have tolerated that kind of playing surface,But then again,When have RainJurz or Sevco played on a Equal Playing Field.Fair Playhas never Existed at the Crumble Dome….Mon The HooPs Tear Them A New One..HH


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