Celtic’s quiet man Callum McGregor wasn’t in the mood to keep his opinions to himself yesterday as he helped launch Celtic’s three-day festival which will be hosted at the Hydro this summer.

The midfielder took questions on the event but mostly about the game on Sunday with many members of the press wanting to know his thoughts on Scott Brown and The Rangers team as a whole.

The midfielder was very clear when he told the press, Celtic and Scott Brown did absolutely nothing wrong at full time when they celebrated their victory and even pointed to the loss in December as an example of how you should handle defeat like men.

Speaking to RecordSport, the player said:

“As a football player, and especially playing in a Celtic against Rangers game, you are entitled to celebrate and I don’t think anything was over the top. The game actually finished over in that corner. Nobody ran anywhere else in the stadium.

“They celebrated where they were on the pitch and, in my eyes, there was nothing wrong with anything that any of the Celtic players did.

“If you look back at the December game, Rangers deserved to win it and they celebrated on the pitch just as much as we did on Sunday.

“But I think the difference is we took it. We just put our heads down, took our medicine and we got up the tunnel.”

“So in terms of that, the conduct of the Rangers players maybe was not great. That’s up to Rangers the way they want to conduct themselves. We always try to do it with humility.”

Two Ibrox players were sent off at Celtic Park while one has been retroactively suspended as a result of their outstandingly lousy behaviour.

The talk has been all about Scott Brown rather than focussing on the absolute idiots causing the problems.

Well said here by Callum McGregor who usually keeps his opinions quite clean.


  1. It has been said before and will be said again, the old Klub and the new Klub playing out of Ibrox are Scotland’s shame. The whole institution is riddled with bigotry, hatred, narcicism, fascism and anti- Irish racism especially, but other forms of racism as well. Kent, Halliday and Morelos would not be out of place in prison and have clearly been infected with the cancer permeating that Klub.

    Never have they said a kind word about anything that anyone else has done. It is all about them and their supposed superiority. They are masters of deflection, aided by an equally corrupt media.


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