Celtic and Hearts took part in an entertaining and fiery affair on Sunday.

Seven separate Hearts players were yellow carded during the game as the tackles flew.

Scott Sinclair became an instant hero with the Celtic support after coming off the bench and running the length of the field to get on the end of a Leigh Griffiths cross. It was a fantastic moment for the Englishman who only officially signed for the club early Sunday morning.

However, there was an unsavoury moment that could have been so much worse had two Hearts fans connected with what they were trying to do.

Watch this video where Sinclair runs behind the goals to get to the Celtic fans, before he gets to them he runs past the Hearts support where two men blatantly try and strike the player.

You could argue this was heat of the moment but if either connected with Sinclair then there would have been serious repercussions. Should they be excused because they failed in their attempt at making contact?

Hearts must look at the footage and address this.

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  2. Well let them assess how serious they think it was, Im not sure there was any attempt to do any real damage to Sinclair, that’s not to excuse it but its the sort of thing that could happen in any ground in the country.

    Both guys are easy to identify so its up to Hearts and the cops to weigh it up

  3. We need to give this constant aggro a rest guys! We are a single game into the season. We already know we are going to be facing blatant “honest” mistakes like the one today. 37 league games to go. Let’s not be giving the SFA and SPFL any additional reasons to target us more than they already do. The best way to beat the establishment is to score lots of goals every week!

    • constant aggro? so we should lie down and accept the shite we have to put up with? it’s across the board! from the msm, the SFA, SPFL, officials and fans like those numpties today! We will score lots of goals and win the league, that doesn’t mean we should keep quiet when there’s blatant injustices and attempted assaults on our players! Remember Neil Lennon? if any of those knuckle staggers had’ expectations connected with Sinclair, they’d be doing time.

  4. I don’t think looking at the video, the Hearts supporters in question, albeit clearly very much annoyed, were really intent on assaulting Scott Sinclair. In any event he should not have run round the back of the goals and made contact with the fans. It drives me nuts the number of times players get themselves booked unnecessarily for this and pulling off their tops immediately after scoring.

    • Well I have looked it numerous times & the 1st guy try to drag him back (what if managed too ?), the 2nd guy has a full clinchesd fist out (What if he managed aswell ?) yeah only if`s, But if it happened to us it would have been all the headlines today

  5. Ann Budge aleays has plenty to say on just about everything under the sun so I will be curious as to her take on this serious incident. Remember, Hearts fans have previous for this kind of thing.

    The film clearly shows a Hearts fan having a swing at Sinclair.

    Celtic have a duty of care to their staff and should be pursuing this as a matter of urgency.

    It is not acceptable to me as a Celtic supporter that our players and staff are subjected to this sort of attack at any time, far less as on a repeated basis at one particular venue.

    In my opinion, if Hearts cannot protect visiting teams from their thug supporters, then they should be playing games at Tynecastle behind closed doors until they can.

  6. truthfully i see nothing in it,im a celtic fan,the first guy kinda taps sinclairs back and the other more than anything pretends hes going to have a wee dink at him,its school boy antics but one thing i would want hearts to pull up is the dirty scum back that spits at Sinclair,take a look at the video again,i nearly missed it but after a ceond look its clear to see someone above whom FACE YOU CANT SEE DEFO SPIT AT SINCLAIR,ID LIKE THEM TO LOOK AT MORE VIDEOS OF THIS TO SEE IF THEY CAN PICK THIS RAT OUT!!!!!

    • You probably “saw nothing in it” when a HEATS supporter jump on the pitch and assaulted Neil Lennon.
      This is the sort of behaviour that will bring back 20 foot high fences,and in fact because of the standing area at Parkhead we are encouraging this sort of stuff as well.The standing area is for a group of people who have cost our club well over £250,000 in fines for their behaviour,what a terrific way to repay them.Just in case you don’t know who I am talking about they are the green “BRIGADE”.Look up the word brigade in the dictionary.

  7. Have watched the film again, and as with the Neil Lennon attack, the problem is that the fans are too close to the pitch. It is now overdue that this issue needs to be addressed and could be possibly solved by moving the fans back 3 or 4 rows.

    It’ll cost them in terms of reduced crowds and the so called “unique” atmosphere at Tynecastle, but we can do without this kind of uniqueness.

    Players’ safety must come first.

  8. Anne budge is DETERMINED to get all aggressive supporters away from Scottish football…. Last time it was a toilet with graffiti on it…. While not condoning it I would much rather see our multi million pound imports not get leathered as soon as they make an impact….

  9. The bottom line is,we are 1 game into the league and already there is a split from supporters as to wether a fan should be punished for this behaviour,some things will never change,lets see how hearts fc approach this matter,personally I will be watching with great anticipation.

  10. i think we will have a lot more to worry about from ‘honest mistakes ‘ this season,can anyone find odds on sevco getting most penalties this season?

  11. Personally, having rewatched this over and over, I dont think there’s a helluva lot in it.
    One has a slap at his arm, and I think the other pretends to punch him.
    They should be spoken to by the club, warned perhaps, but let’s not make to much of something fairly innocuous. Don’t start behaving like Huns and trying to get everyone in trouble. This is nothing like what happened to Neil Lennon. I’d be more concerned with the referee today than these two if idiots.

  12. We all know what’s going to happen , they will say he left the field of play without the ref,s permission so it will be swept under the carpet as per usual

  13. I wish we would stop moaning about every single thing we don’t like, because its getting embarrassing and start enjoying the fact that we are celtic fans and we could be on the verge of great things under Brendan HH

  14. An employee of Celtic Football Club almost assaulted for doing his job? Rewind to a few years ago where the Manager of Celtic Football Club WAS assaulted and the guy walked free. I don’t think anything will happen but I hope I’m wrong. These incidents somehow aren’t as important as someone defacing a toilet door at Tynecastle. Anyone remember the ridiculous media hype about that? Ann Budges silence on this is deafening.

  15. I also saw this yesterday and after the game I emailed a one Miss/Mrs Oldham, pa to Ann.
    I received this email this afternoon and then read your piece and thought this might interest you bhoys and ghirls…….

    Good afternoon

    I can confirm Hearts have been in contact with Police Scotland and this matter is now subject of a criminal investigation. Hearts will work closely with the police and provide all relevant information to identify the culprits. The Club will also apply appropriate sanctions against those involved as this type of behaviour will never be tolerated at Tynecastle and such persons are not welcome at our ground.

    Kind regards

    Phil O’Kane
    Security and Safety Manager
    Heart of Midlothian FC

  16. For decades Celtic and their fans have had to bite the bullet and take all sorts of crap at that cesspit. They are an obnoxious lot. The two goons who tried to hit Sinclair and the slime ball who spat at him should be named and shamed.


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