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There is no doubt there is an immense amount of love for Mikael Lustig out there in the Celtic support.

The fan favourite has been adopted by the Celtic support as one of their own after showing the sort of passion you don’t usually see from a foreign player.

While Mikael has a place in our hearts, does he still have a permanent place in the team going forward? I’m not so sure.

His experience is invaluable but I have noticed a decline in his ability to do the fundamentals, getting caught high up the pitch and leaving Celtic open is becoming a more regular occurrence.

There is no doubt though, the Super Swede can handle domestic duty for the most part but is it time that Brendan Rodgers gradually brings Anthony Ralston into the fold. It doesn’t need to be immediate but giving Ralston the best possible chance to make the position his own by the end of the season should be something that the Irishman should be thinking about.

*This week only

We seen Kieran Tierney come from the youth ranks to oust fan favourite Izzy, is it now the turn of Ralston to make Lustig obsolete or a backup option heading into next season and beyond.

For now, Lustig will be entrusted with Champions League duties in what may be his last major European campaign with Celtic. We hope he can play his part in the success of the team like he as done domestically since coming in.


  1. So you are now offering advice to Brendan,that is what it sounds like,in fact the tone of the article is distinctly pontifical.

  2. Lustig has been very poor since the beginning of the season. Yes, he is a favourite but no room for emotion. Ralston should be getting more game time. Lustig is nearing the end of hid career and is clearly not fit enough to operate at the top level any more. He does not seem to have the fitness levels of Izzy, who was replaced by KT.

  3. I have been saying this for a while now.
    I think Lustig is on the way out.
    No doubt he has a love for the club but he lacks positional sense in paticular from cross balls always losing his man.
    Time to do what we did with Tierney with Ralston start drip feeding him into the team.

  4. time is right to get Ralston in Lustig has been poor since last season has been a great servant to the club but for me its time to get Ralston bedded in

  5. Lustig has been a super player since he arrived.
    Since his hip operation he has got slower and slower.For comparison look at Naymar last year against Lustig and Naymar this year against Ralston.
    In my opinion Ralston played Naymar far better than Lustig and emotionand sentiment never won a football match.


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