There’s notable opposition from Celtic fans participating in a tournament on the other side of the world alongside their Glasgow rivals.

We’ve been following the story since news broke on Tuesday and it’s been fast-moving. There was always likely to be some sort of reference made about this tournament tonight as a lot of fans feel the “Were Not Half Of Anything” club statement had a price on it.

“We’re Not Half Of Anything”
Unless There’s Money To Be Made
Shove Your “Old Firm” Friendly Up Your Arse 

It was peculiar the way this was announced by Celtic who didn’t mention opponents or the venue in their press release.

We then got word from the Australian clubs involved about who was participating. Celtic, Sydney FC, Rangers, WS Wanderers.

The A-League and Celtic have billed this as the AngeBall World Tour and treating Celtic as the biggest draw for the tourny. People in Australia will not quite understand the level of pettiness things can get back in Glasgow. Given Ange is Australian, and the former boss of Australia, and also their best ever football manager – of course, he and the club he manages would take centre stage.


  1. Celtic are garbage. 5 or 6 games in a row exactly the same rubbish. Final pass is diabolical. Maeda is rubbish. What has happened to Jota and Hatate? Both are rotten. They will think they can win this. Why can’t any Celtic player shoot? Ange needs to get something out of them right now because I don’t see 3 points from Sunday’s game. Therefore, 3 points is an absolute tonight. It looks as if everyone else has worked out how to play against Celtic, and Celtic have lost it at the worst possible movement. Very very disappointing.

  2. The pressures on, time to take a step back and see how much hunger the players all have. The run in is always a cnut. See who is top of the table with three games to go. Now that’s pressure. All Angers latest signings have fell away as you say, they don’t get much room to perform like before. But they still haven’t all played together. Hopefully, when all are fit, the last games will be better. Than last night’s sluggish ‘ To you, to me, and back to Joe Hart, and back again pish’. That is Grimm.


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