It’s human nature to play the blame game after something goes wrong but it would appear nobody is safe from the wrath of some Celtic fans this morning as they pick over the bones of Celtic’s failed Champions League campaign.

Peter Lawwell & Lee Congerton have been the source of many conversations. One is tasked with signing players while the other finds the players to sign. Neither is covered in glory.

However, it seems like the aforementioned pair have got a brief reprieve from some fans who have now turned their attention to John Kennedy (Celtic Defensive Coach) as the source of their frustrations.

There was no denying Celtic’s defence was poor over the two legs and Tuesday night’s second goal, in particular, was criminal and the fans would like to know what John and even Kolo is doing with the Celtic team.

John has been at the club since he was a young bhoy and became a coach at the club after his career was cruelly ended by an outrageous challenge in an international friendly.

The coach has worked under Neil Lennon, Ronny Deila and Brendan Rodgers. Many expected him to go with the Deila camp back when Rodgers took over but the coach was kept on.

It’s difficult to quantify or even point the finger at John when we have no idea what his remit is. He is most likely carrying out drills set by the manager and his assistant.

There is always a thirst for blood when results like last night happened. John Kennedy was also the goalkeeping coach during an Invincible season and nobody was giving him kudos then – so why are some choosing to lay blame at his door when it goes wrong.