HEARTS have confirmed they have been given an away allocation by Celtic for the upcoming Premiership match between Celtic and the Edinburgh side.

Celtic opened their season with a loss at Tynecastle where the Jambos did not give any away allocation to the Celtic support despite there being scope to do so.

Things have eased up since then and the Bhoys have allowed other away supporters into the ground, slowly but surely.

Hearts have been given 752 briefs for the game and its disgruntled a lot of their supporters

Football tribalism is at play here.

With regards to cutting our allocation and as one of them says, Hearts fans will foot the bill. They could do exactly that by filling their stadium and negating the need for Hearts to give Celtic a large allocation. As it stands, the Edinburgh club knows the Celtic fans will come in their numbers and boost their coffers.

Hearts fans might not like it, and if they’re serious about it then why not fill their stadium.


  1. This is what bugs me every time other fans bitch about us (and the filth) taking up 3/4s of their ground – maybe if you lot had the will to actually get off your erses and support your teams that wouldn’t be the case, hmm?


  2. I’ve had many an argument with supporters of other clubs when they say we’re only winning because we have more money. It’s a very easy fix. Go to your home matches and fill your ground every time and buy from your clubs shops. Every little helps, as the new owners of £brokes keep telling us??.


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