A social media page on Facebook has claimed disgusting graffiti has been spotted in Ayrshire ahead of the Glasgow Derby with the words ‘Hang Neil Lennon’ sprayed on a wall.

So what? Right…Some of you will be thinking this, even some Celtic fans.

Unfortunately, this is commonplace within our country today with many not batting an eyelid when this sort of stuff happens and that’s the most pathetic part.

Idiots who think they have carte blanch to say and do as they like which is not just confined to the West of Scotland.

Neil Lennon has been subject to the vilest of abuse in the East as well during his time as manager of Hibernian.

A Hearts fan was banned from Tynecastle this season for proudly wearing a ‘Hang Neil Lennon’ shirt to the Edinburgh Derby. The morons continue to disgrace themselves with Neil Lennon the embodiment of everything they can’t stand; a successful Irish Catholic who does not shirk or stay in his lane in the face of pure hatred.

People need to be educated.


  1. There’s some words missing from the graffiti. As the CUN7 ran out of paint. It should say HANG NEIL LENNNON ARTIST BY THEIR HUN INFANT BAWZ. I’ll supply paint and transport.

  2. ‘Hang Neil Lennon…. pictures, posters and framed photos everywhere these idiots will see them!

    Classless scum cowards!

  3. These are the scum who disgrace Scotland. Fascist bigots, homophobes, unionists and haters of the other. They keep Scotland in the dark ages and keep it back.

  4. I see the utterly hypocritical BBC are saying we must root out sectarianism in Scottish Football. It shows what thoughtless idiots they really are. Sectarianism is part of society. Football is not the problem, but it spills over to football and rugby when emotions run high. It is also prevalent in golf clubs and Orange halls.

    Sectarianism is learned from completely irresponsible parents and family members and passed on to offspring. Society needs to be changed so that organisations which promote sectarianism such as orange hall and parades are abolished. The absolutely abhorrent BBC, British Establishment and media promote sectarianism as it divides and rules. Their methods are simple, but subtle and they are completely culpable.


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