FORMER Celtic star Simon Donnelly has urged his old club to sign up one of Scotland’s top prospects in John McGinn.

The Hibs man is still developing and growing into his game but Donnely believes he’s the right fit for Celtic.

“I’m surprised Celtic haven’t gone for him yet, and he has the mentality to handle it. “He scored two in the draw at Celtic Park, he was one of the better players when they came the last time, and he scored when they won at Ibrox.

“If you can go in there and handle yourself in those environments, you can handle yourself anywhere.”

Neil Lennon has told any suitors for his midfielder would have to pay a top price to prize him away from Easter Road.

Speaking last year, Brendan Rodgers said the player had potential but he was nowhere near the level of Scott Brown at the moment.

With the plethora of midfield men Celtic have at the moment, it would seem needless to sign the young Scot.




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