We are expecting Bayer Leverkusen fans in the stadium on Thursday night to support their team in match day two of the Europa League.

The German club will be the first side to have away support inside Celtic Park since March 2020 when Celtic played St Mirren.

While Leverkusen fans have got the nod for Celtic Park – Celtic Supporter Liaison Officer, John Paul Taylor has claimed today signs look bleak when it comes to our away prospects in Budapest. We’re uncertain over a Leverkusen allocation but Ferencvaros away looks in trouble.

We’re unsure if this is a club decision or this is a local authority decision that will again hamper Celtic fans from watching their team abroad.

The Hoops faithful were locked out of the Real Betis game in Seville on match day one, with a few sneaking into the ground.

The current situation is so fluid and every changing, we can’t take anything for granted when it comes to football.

Celtic fans will still travel to Germany, and Budapest in decent numbers, tickets or not but it would great if we could start getting into these grounds.

By the same token, it would be great if Celtic can look at ways of including domestic away supports back into our ground.


  1. This scam was never about people’s health it was all about control and subservience.

    It’s a pity the majority of people are dumber than a bag of hammers and failed to realise this.

    Their ignorance has left us tied in a Gordian knot of our own making.

    One must now reap what the gullible have sown.


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