Simon Jordan has voiced his opinion on Celtic’s recent exit from European competition, stressing the need for the club to increase its spending in the transfer market.

Soccer Football – Champions League – Group E – Lazio v Celtic – Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy – November 28, 2023
Celtic’s Alistair Johnston in action with Lazio’s Adam Marusic REUTERS/Alberto Lingria

Speaking on talkSPORT, Jordan critically analysed Celtic’s approach to transfers and coaching, following their Champions League defeat to Lazio, which ultimately knocked Celtic out of both the Champions League and Europa League.

Jordan acknowledged the repetitive nature of Celtic’s European struggles, pointing out that the issue transcends the tenure of current manager Brendan Rodgers and was also evident during Ange Postecoglou’s time. While he suggested that Rodgers could improve as a coach, Jordan also empathised with the need for Celtic to invest more in player acquisitions.

It’s something that manager Brendan Rodgers has also been vocal about, calling on the board to invest in some more quality and experienced players, saying he has enough prospects.

“They spent 22 million Euros in the transfer window this year.

“That was the Celtic spend, they sold 30 odd Euros worth of players, so they sold more than they brought in.

“With the turnover they have got, I would expect Celtic to be more competitive in Europe than they currently have been in the last two seasons.

“(But), they haven’t spent a great deal of money – give us more money is what he (Rodgers) is saying.

“If you are spending £20 million a season and you are selling £30-odd million worth of players, then ‘if you want me to be more successful in Europe’. I would say ‘be a better coach’.

“But notwithstanding that, be a better coach and, at the same time, be given a little bit more ammunition. One coach, albeit he (Postecoglou) had gone a bit off the boil, but everyone loves, has produced the same rubbish outcome.”

Celtic’s financial situation, as revealed in their annual financial results, shows the club in a strong position, with over £70 million in the bank.

There’s money there for the club to work with in January and heading into the summer, so hopefully fans can see some on-the-field investment.


  1. I am asking this question concerning B.Rodgers we have heard him come out and say we need players who can walk into the team ,not just bringing in young guys who are good just now but not good enough for the CL and for B .Rodgers and backroom staff to made them better players in a few years time and then sell them so here is the QUESTION DO YOU THINK IF B.RODGERS DOES NOT GET THE CASH TO BRING IN EXPERIENCE PLAYERS AND FOR US TO SPEND A FEW QUID FOR THEM IN JANUARY 24 WILL HE BE THE MANAGER NEXT YEAR AND IF HAPPENS HOW DO YOU THINK THE SUPPORTERS WILL REACT TO THAT


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