SCOTT SINCLAIR still believes his international career can be resurrected even though current Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate has ruled out calling up the Celtic player.

Southgate spoke about Scotty not being to the standard of other players in his squad when a good few of his players are toiling at their clubs and the only great thing about them is their bank balance.

Scott has been sensational for Celtic, but that counts for nothing in the alternate universe that is English football. The money flowing down there is so deep they’re drowning in a sea of self-importance.

The narrow-minded nature of the EPL will be of no consolation to Sinclair, but the Englishman does believe he can get Southgate’s attention by helping to beat Bayern and helping his team compete in the Champions League. If he does this then he’s at least due a second look before Gareth announces his World Cup squad.

“Yes, although I would have known before had I been selected.

“I haven’t given up yet. It comes down to this stage – all I can do is as well as I can in the Champions League for Celtic. I would say it’s the only platform to impress.” said Scotty.

While a lot of Celtic players have headed out for International duty this month, Scott has been at Lennoxtown training and making sure he’s ready for Celtic’s busy end to October.

Which isn’t a bad thing, if you’re a Celtic fan.


  1. Feck ’em Scotty. If that plank of wood Southgate can’t appreciate your worth over the mollycoddled primadonnas of the EPL and at least give you a chance to show what you can do then it’s his loss and our gain.

  2. No bad thing at all not to be picked by England I’d say, but Scott’s ambition to achieve it will undoubtedly help keep his performance levels up to the high standards he set last season.
    Whatever, he knows we cherish him.
    Incidentally I’d love to buy his t-shirt but until lightning is spelled correctly my money’s staying in my pocket. Just saying.


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