Celtic will find out where they stand in their pursuit of Scott Sinclair at some point this week.

Officials at the club are said to be hopeful a deal for the former Man City man can be made but there is still a few bridges to cross before personal terms can even be discussed.

If a bid is accepted it has been said Sinclair would jump at the chance to work with his former boss at Swansea.

The midfielder had a bad time in his first season with Aston Villa and hasn’t really hit any heights since being under Brendan Rodgers coaching in Wales.

One way or another Celtic will either look to conclude a deal this week for the player or move onto other targets should a deal not come to the fore.




  1. Why are Celtic interested in this guy. He was a project that never made the grade at Man City of Chelsea? he has doen nothing in recent years to suggest he is any more likely to be a success than he is to be a failure. Celtic have taken the supporters for a rid ethis pre-season and should return the season book money to those who feel ripped off and there will be a lot. This guy’s name has been mentioned for 6 weeks, since Rodgers walked in the door, as has Duffy’s and various others, yet nothing. Just ten days until a real game against a real team and Celtic with all their money have signed a teensage prospect for under 300.000. Pathetic. Who is running the show at Celtic PArk. They should be sacked. The whole board needs to be sacked. Until that happens Celtic are doomed to failure.

  2. Well said John, couldn’t have put it any better myself. Absolutely no help from the board what so ever. … Hail Hail

  3. Dry yer eyes FFS. Would you rather we jumped in and bought players for the sake of it… We’ve done that before and got burned. Pukki scepovic balde etc.
    Rodgers has worked with Sinclair so I’d back his judgement before yours.

  4. Sean I agree with you 100% Rodgers has worked with sinclair he obviously knows a lot more than you John and snoopy after all he was I picked to manage celtic not you 2 clampits

  5. Damn some of the complaining on here is a joke. Rodgers only been in charge not even two months and yous are giving him and the board stick. Yes I would’ve liked to have seen a few more players in by now, especially considering other have managed to strengthen their team, but they’ve said time and time again it’s about attracting quality and Scott Sinclair is better than the majority of players we have at the moment. So get off you’re high horse and start getting behind Rodgers. Hail hail.


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