Charlie Nicholas has weighted into the debate about what to do with the league. Like the rest of us, the pundit has no idea what’s going on behind the scenes and how long football will have its doors closed.

The speculation is running wild on the enormity of the situation unfolding for not just football but for many other sports across the globe high have been shut down.

With no actual sport to speculate on, we’re all throwing in our opinion on what should happen.

Nicholas opinion is very valid and I think something Celtic fans agree with in general. We want the season to resume and we’ll take the title. However, if the powers that be say the league is done and dusted then a decision has to be made.

“You can’t finish anything until it’s concluded. I’m all for and I can understand people saying: ‘This is Celtic’s title, they should be handed the title’, but it’s not finished, it’s not complete.” Nicholas told CelticFC News.

“Will they win it? Of course, they will win it… Nobody actually knows the time-frame on this. This is why we have to be patient with each other. I think the decision (to shut down) was made with common sense and now we can hopefully get things back on.”

Partisan agendas will make this toxic but it doesn’t have to be. Imagine if The Rangers were on course to stop nine in a row with a thirteen point gap and the season would’ve stopped. We’d be getting none of the rhetoric you’re currently seeing on social media from the usual suspects.

Common sense has to prevail but we know how much that’s lacking in the west of Scotland.


  1. So just bin this year’s title then, and make next year’s a double whammy. The foe will get the extra cash to try and make it two titles in a row, they think. Not going to happen, they can just try and fight for top of the religation struggle. Like Celtic did when they bought their nine. And went bust chasing a big ear’d cup. Finish it and everybody can Bury them. Either way The Hoops, can they win a fourth treble?? even that’s subject to scrutiny now. All because of a far eastern virus mutation.

  2. Every team gets 1 point for every game that is left to play all teams are awarded the draw so clubs can get there share of the money for this season most teams need that money so as no one knows when football will start up again then dish it out.
    Easy way to do this all games left are awarded draws top team wins and bottom team goes down…

    You can play the cup ties before the next season starts….

  3. All who are in the spfl remain in it , then 2 top clubs from each lower league move up each divisions reward the trier’s, no the want to be’s

  4. The author states “with no actual sport to speculate on”. I presume this means that we can’t look to any other sport for guidance but that is not in fact correct.

    In golf, it occasionally happens that all four rounds of a tournament can’t be played, a storm, for example, resulting in the tournament being reduced to four rounds. The trophy and prize money are awarded as per the 54 hole scores.


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