SKY SPORTS continue to tell us they take scottish football seriously but you have to laugh when they continuously get the details wrong.

We can forgive the odd gaffe but the broadcaster who claim they care about the Scottish game put little to no effort into what’s going on north of the border while they can tell you down to the pence how much an average English Premier League player has been sold for.

Their latest blunder was in plain view on their sports channel as they reported Celtic were still ‘in talks’ with ‘goalkeeper’ David Turnbull.

Scott Bain may want to knock on Neil Lennon’s door and ask why Celtic are aggressively trying to sign a midfielder to stick him goals ahead of Bain.

We report on stuff like this every month or two. It’s the salivating over the English game while not even fact checking the stuff that runs at the bottom of their screen.

We didn’t see it ourselves but a few people on social media reported the Sky Sports website also had David down as a goalkeeper until they were told otherwise and it has now been changed.


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