Sky Sports appear to be increasingly distancing themselves from the subtitles used in the Alfredo Morelos interview which contained sinister inaccuracies.

The Sky Sports video which has since been taken down from all social media platforms and their website suggest Morelos accused Celtic fans of racist behaviour.

The Columbian never said anything about Celtic in that manner but the subtitles clearly suggested that’s what the Ibrox striker was getting at.

Celtic’s very clear and concise statement has asked for clarity and for Sky to investigate who was responsible for translating and why there was no checks before it was thrown out on social media. Given the gravity of the accusation, you would imagine things should have been properly checked.

A SkySports spokesperson told RecordSport: “We are aware of concerns raised about the content of the interview with Alfredo Morelos, while we are checking those we have removed the material from all our platforms.”

Someone has to be answerable for this and action must be taken. This kind of media reporting fans the flames of hatred. Alfredo Morelos actually tries to be diplomatic and speaks well in the legit transcribed article.

Is it idiocy or something more sinister?


  1. Blame the person who got lost in translation and used the wrong decoder ring in sky’s Klingon subtitttie box. Can’t blame a computer or the video department. They will though.

  2. Aye aye eh fh what tf is goin on man there summit goin on there is no way that sky sports haven’t checked that and if they haven’t well not just find the person that done the translation they need to find out who allowed it to be shown on their channel because it was a big headline the day it came out so I don’t really know how they can distance themselves from it what they gonna say all the people that seen it read the subtitles wrong wow they need tae get that sorted and fair play to the alicante celtic supporters for spying it and making the club aware and at last the clubs actually done summit anyway this will be good watching them try to wriggle off this hail hail

  3. If they get away with these lies theres no telling what they’ll come up with next.
    They might even start something totally ridiculous like, for example, Rangers today are the same club as the one which went bust in 2012

  4. This has to go to the top, Celtic have to find out who in skysports have not a good word to say about Celtic and Scottish football rangers have to get involved also as who ever made this happen has damaged Morelos credibility also reporters that can swallow lamb, and keep there gub shut, It should be a instant stackable offence as they have cited many a fan to loose their jobs over lies told

  5. Find Whose Behind this Agenda against Our Proud Club.This has got to be dealt with Head on.Let them Away with Nothing.Trying to Slight Celtics Hreat Name is not on.We don’t Cheat or Avoid our Taxes etc.Sevconians really should Realise This is Going too Far.Even implying out Support are Blatant Racists.There is only One Scummy Fanbase in Glasgow and it’s not in the Eastemd


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