As a follow up to our article last week about the lack of pre-match coverage Sky Sports gave the semi-final between Celtic and The Rangers last week – a mere 15 minutes, we look at what BT Sport are doing this weekend before Celtic’s potential title clincher.

The game at Easter Road which is scheduled to kick off at 12:30pm will get double the allotted time Sky Sports gave the Glasgow Derby last weekend with 30 minutes build up.

Not only that, BT Sports will air an interview with former Celtic player and Hibs boss Alan Stubbs 11:30 am till midday. An interview that will be pertinent to both sets of supporters tuning in to see their team. Between online coverage via their Facebook page and multiple pre-match shows on BT Sport 1, they are offering TWO HOURS of match build up.

Celtic have a massive chance to secure their seventh consecutive title if they can get past the man who won them one, two and three.

It promises to be an exciting early afternoon kick off and BT Sports are giving it the platform it deserves.

Sky Sports Blown Out The Water – Title Clincher Coverage to Beat Derby Day Disaster

Many fans would like to see BT Sports cover Scottish football outright in the next TV deal if it were possible.

Sky Sports seem to be only interested in the bigger fixtures and even then they do not showcase them enough and Scottish football plays second or even third fiddle to the EPL and Championship.



  1. Presentation day will be good
    Seeing our captain getting dragged in front of a camera for 30 seconds to lift a trophy we’ve battled for 10 months to win.
    But what really annoys me is when we sing you’ll never walk alone sky rushes to show adds.
    Everybody knows we sing it better than Liverpool fans.
    We make it more than a song we make it an event, we turn it into something spectacular
    Like everything we do
    But those who don’t want to see the good in Celtic would rather not show it

  2. Spot on Delcan we blow all those clubseeking away for real passion and REAL FANS!lived in Sydney for years and no English or Latin club comes close to us there either!Hail Hail CELTICBRATION TIMEMAIL FELLOW TIMS CELTIC “CLUBIG LIVE NO OTHER A TRUE WORLD ICONIC ONE IN THE TOP 5 ON THE PLANET NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!

  3. Thank fuck i got my sky cut off i was paying nearly £100 a month for it but BT SPORTS are much better infact million times better than sky even their pundits on sky are biased hun bastards BT SPORTS are mixed pundits.i now pay £60 a year for iptv and everything is on it all Scottish football its well worth it stick yer sky up yer arse and its biased pundits.hail hail


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