SKY SPORTS have somewhat of a reputation when it comes to Scottish Football.

They tend to know and do as little as possible with their coverage of our game and they dropped another clanger this morning.

Celtic sold Erik Sviatchenko to F.C. Midtyjlland yesterday evening after a successful loan spell with his old club.

When Sky Sports got around to posting the story – well they couldn’t even be bothered checking to see if they had the correct image to go along with the article.

Have Celtic pulled a fast one and sent Nir Bitton in Erik’s place? It could be a Sky Sports exclusive.

This might not seem like much but it is yet another symptom of the wider picture. Sky Sports don’t even keep up a pretence that they are involved in our game.

They want to do as little as possible while saying the words ‘old firm’ as much as they can.

No proper build up for games, poor pundits and overall apathy has been leading fans to canvas BT Sport to take full control of Scottish Football.

Oh and for the benefit of fairness they have changed it now.


  1. No different than the BBC. Ignorant blue noses! Apologies to Nir and all the best to Sviatchenko, always a part of the family!

    Anyone notice only english clubs were mentioned in the Euro top 100 hundred listings by the BBC? Though far further down than we should be, we were in it, unlike sevco. If they were, would all clubs have been mentioned? HH!

  2. There was a tendency too in Sky Sports to play up Rangers in their Scottish Cup Greatest Games series, yet Celtic have won the Cup 38 times, which, I think, may be a world record for a domestic Cup competition. Maybe not deliberate, more that, as far as Scottish football is concerned, “they dinnae ken their erse from their elbow!” When one sees the quality of the Scotsmen who work for then (Jim White, Charlie Nicholas, Graeme Souness, that opinion gains ground.

  3. Oh me Oh my Sky Sports peed in the garden in front of the Scottish public that watch the shite they dish out at such a redicilious cost. We know they come up with some shite but to put the wrong picture too wrong name.. I understand Now why they keep banging on about a fixture that died in 2012 when Glasgow Rangers were LIQUIDATED IN 2012 THUS ENDING THE OLD FIRM GAMES ONCE AND FOR ALL. GLASGOW RANGERS ARE DEAD DEAD DEAD AND UNLIKE LAZERUS THEY AING GOING TO ARISE FROM THE DEAD


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